Start in Park Lane in the heart of London

Arrive and check in at our Park Lane HQ. Then set off on your adventure driving your own talking Yonda car with our virtual tour guide giving you turn-by-turn directions. Or add a Yonda driver and leave the driving to us.

See London like never before

Because we are small and nippy, we'll take you right up close to London's iconic buildings and into the heart of London's coolest streets... unlike traditional tours!

Experience the REAL London

Whizzing down London's grand avenues and its tight, cobbled streets you'll discover the story of London. The history of London. The REAL London.

Hear some incredible stories

... about where the Beatles made their last recording... where Harrison Ford bought his "Indy" Hat for the Indiana Jones films... the mystery of Lord Lucan and the murdered nanny... how Jimi Hendrix and George Frideric Handel were next door neighbours, separated by only 250 years!... how the Queen and her sister mingled with the crowds in disguise to celebrate the end of World War II... and so much more.

See all the sights!

From Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace you'll see all the iconic landmarks but also those off the beaten track. Like Soho where you'll see the famous jazz club Ronnie Scott's and the incredible Covent Garden Piazza.

Dig deep into London's rich history

See where a King was beheaded, where Charles Dickens was inspired and the secret, underground command centre where Churchill fought World War II. Discover the rich history of London, the extraordinary places, its fascinating characters and its amazing stories.

#Yonda in the wild

Our scrapbook of great Yonda moments!

“Now this is the type of tour you want to be doing”

“Roof down. Whizzing around the city. Sights all round us. Magic!”

Tim D

“You will get a new insight on London... the commentary is well thought out, interesting and engaging... it is very good fun”

“Brilliant stories. So much about London I didn't know - and I've lived here all my life.”

Laura H

“This was clever stuff… and that is pretty cool since I am a born and bred Londoner and thought I knew it all”

“The best thing I spent my time and money on in London”

Mark S

“Ideal for people who want a fun little jaunt around central London”

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Q-Park, Park Lane, London W1K 7AN
020 3621 5662
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